About ACLC College of Malolos


ACLC College of Malolos  was established on May 9, 1995. It is known to be the "Home of World Class IT Champions" for the following reasons: First, the institution was able to breed winners through IT Champions conquering not just local IT schools here in the country, but also the IT practitioners of South East Asian countries and of the world. Second, the institution was able to produce skilled competitive graduates that establish good reputation in many companies, both local and abroad, particularly in the field of Information Technology.

ACLC College of Malolos persistently creates avenues for students to give them opportunities to showcase their talents and academic competencies through giving activities such as: Acquaintance Party, Annual Computer Exhibit, Campus Tour, Inter Block Skills Competition, Quiz Bee, Intramurals, and Goodwill Games.


The global mission of ACLC/ACLC College is to provide holistic, quality, computer-based education in all levels and discplines with the object of producing professionals and leaders responsive to the needs of science and the international community for the honor and glory of God Almighty.


The vision of the ACLC/ACLC College is to become the leaders and dominant provider of quality and excellent information technology-based business education and related services in the global market.